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An introduction to jiraffe Threads

The very first idea of jiraffe Threads began in October 2018 in Newark, Delaware.

Our founder James wanted to find a way to direct his creative energy into something positive with a purpose. With an eye for unique designs, he wanted to create a one of a kind clothing brand that would stand out and serve a greater purpose. 

One late evening during a brainstorming session, James wrote down the lowercase letter "j" representing "James" on a piece of paper because he felt that the lowercase "j" was more ascetically pleasing and had more character than a capital letter "J". That lowercase letter "j" stayed by itself on the paper for weeks. 

Growing up, James had always loved giraffes and standing at 6'3", liking giraffes was rather fitting for him. Over the years he had come up with his own mindset to be driven, motivated and tenacious, although without any words to represent how he felt. During another late night brainstorming session, the words, "Stand Tall. Stay Unique. Adapt + Achieve." popped into his head and it was perfect. Not only did the words represent a powerful mindset, but they were best represented by a giraffe!

With a fresh and exciting idea in his mind, he completed the lowercase "j" with "iraffe" to make "jiraffe". He downloaded a free design program on his computer to begin a proof of concept logo design. James knew that the design had to be different and representative of his new clothing brand. He searched for a giraffe image to use in the design and noticed they if he flipped the giraffes around, they would look very close to the letter "f". Soon enough, he created the first ever logo for jiraffe Threads. 

jiraffe Threads is more than a clothing brand. It is a strong, particular, positive energy that we all already embody within ourselves. “Stand Tall. Stay Unique. Adapt + Achieve.” This thinking enables many people with extremely different backgrounds to succeed and do many great things in life. We have had a lot of positive feedback towards the inspirational mindset, design and love towards spreading the positivity.


You tend to be in awe of things much bigger than you. They push you and help you learn how to be determined enough to be successful. We will help inspire you to be great. 

To get started, we want to support initiatives that are working hard towards saving Giraffes. Read our post called “Helping to Save Giraffes by jiraffe Threads” for more information: Let’s do whatever we can to save the tallest mammals in our world. This is a great way to get started in our journey of supporting world changing initiatives. We are planning to support as many world changing organizations in the future and we are very excited to share those plans with you soon. In the meantime, here is what we are learning about and working on.

10% of our proceeds are donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to bring more awareness and support to the cause. We highly encourage you to donate to the GCF directly as well! Learn more about the GCG here! Let’s go! 🙂

If we are able to help others adopt a motivating mindset that inspires greatness while supporting incredible causes, our mission is accomplished. 

Thank you very much for your support. You are truly amazing. We genuinely appreciate all of you! 

With love,

jiraffe Threads



  • I love what you guys are doing here! Nothing more exciting than to see a company emerge with the drive and determination to succeed and inspire others to do the same AND support a good cause all at the same time! On top of all that, the logo is just plain sick and the slogan “Stand Tall” is genius. I look forward to watching this company grow. If you guys crush it and decide to go public you can bet I’ll be first in line for that IPO. Cheers

  • Beautiful introduction, wow, I am charmed after reading “about us” and “put back” on your site about Kunene and about detailed description of giraffes and all the information about the whole thing on I want 100% to support your mission, I love your job, I am 25 years old and I want to prove something.
    Sincerely, Johnny Happy

    Letter in a bottle

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